Alpinus Transport

It is a segment created from the need to offer the most seamless and flexible system of goods transport. Alpinus Transport is a modern logistics system, designed on the basis of strict safety conditions, combined with the possibility of minimizing the time required for execution of the order.

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Diversified logistics capabilities

We continually invest in our transport base. Our fleet consists of properly labelled multi-compartment tankers with truck tractors, heavy goods vehicles and delivery vans.

One compartment tanker L4BH

A tanker with one 34,000 liters compartment, designed for transport of neutral and dangerous ADR cargo, with the exception of explosive and radioactive materials.

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Three compartment tanker L4BH

A tanker with three compartments,two with a capacity of 7,500 liters and one with a capacity of 19,000 liters, allowing simultaneous transport of diverse chemical products.

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Industrial spur

A solution that guarantees the possibility of intermodal transport services.

Delivery vans

We offer product delivery with our delivery vans within the Kujawsko-Pomorskie province. We are in possession of a 12 ton heavy goods vehicle, a tandem truck and 3.5 tons delivery vans.

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