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The youngest segment of the company, which is constantly being transformed and improved. They make it possible to operate in harmony with the environment. Alpinus Recycling is a project through which the company can minimize costs and increase its productivity. All this in consonance with the internal and external environment of the company.

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If you are looking for innovative solutions for facing creativity and knowledge, leading to the expected effects of attitudes on Alpinus Recycling.

We are constantly expanding our knowledge in the field of new recycling possibilities.We cooperate with research institutes, laboratories and universities in order to be able to operate in harmony with the natural environment. We have the motivation for acquiring new knowledge and skills that we want to use with the environment and optimization of production processes in mind.

Experts in the field of chemistry constitute 84% of our recycling department team.With their knowledge and experience, they are able to conduct innovative research and activities related to the company’s impact on the environment. Our experts have taken up the theme of innovative recycling believing in it’s success. We also believe that through knowledge, experience and, above all, people’s passion, we are able to successfully fulfill our goals.

We are in possession of tools indispensable for carrying out recycling activities on various fields.

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We focus on safety, which is why we participate in projects that support "green chemistry"

We are aware that the chemical industry is extremely demanding. We make every effort to ensure that our business activities are friendly towards both, internal and external environment of the company.

Awareness defines solutions

Innovative pro-ecological company

A company operating in the chemical sector should be aware of how important is the awareness of the waste organization among producers, consumers and entrepreneurs. Each company minding the welfare of the environment, consciously selecting and implementing pro-ecological solutions, is an innovative enterprise.

Environmental Policy
What is the essence of chemical recycling?

Optimal management of chemical wastes

Chemical recycling is an extremely difficult and complicated process, both in terms of technology and logistics. This is why it is crucial to use smart solutions allowing the implementation of proper waste management. Almost every manufacturer of chemical products is exposed to accumulation of unnecessary materials. The development of appropriate solutions has a key impact on the organization of the production process by, among others, optimizing the processes of waste management and environmental protection.

The Waste Management and Recycling Cluster

One goal for the common good

The main aim of The Waste Management and Recycling Cluster is consociating entrepreneurs and scientists, who are motivated to improve production through conducting scientific research, and to search for new solutions in the field of recycling. The Alpinus Chemia operating range is based primarily on waste transport, thanks to the authorization conferred by the District Office in Bydgoszcz.

Przetwarzanie i recykling rozpuszczalników

Odzysk rozpuszczalników organicznych

Rozpuszczalniki organiczne są szeroko stosowane w przemyśle chemicznym, farmaceutycznym, poligraficznym i innym, dużą ilość rozpuszczalników zużywają laboratoria analityczne i technologiczne. Zgodnie z obowiązującym w Polsce prawem, ustawą o odpadach każdy posiadacz (wytwórca) odpadu jest obowiązany w pierwszej kolejności do poddania go odzyskowi, a jeżeli z przyczyn technologicznych nie ma takiej możliwości, to odpady należy unieszkodliwiać w sposób zgodny z wymaganiami ochrony środowiska.


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