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Alpinus Chemia is a producer of chemical goods, reagents and distributor of raw materials, ranging from CLASS A to recycled. We also provide transport services throughout Poland and Europe. We handle transport of neutral and hazardous materials. The order process is a subject to control, whereas the offer of various products is strictly connected with our clients’ needs. Preparation of a product complying with your current needs is a challenge we are ready to take up.

Our resources allow to improve processes embracing the segments of our activity.

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Professional chemistry. Our offer consists of a number of diverse products, being applied generally and specifically. We are a producers of rinse fluids for elements of cooling devices, air condition cleaning agents, impregnant, paints and lacquer solvents, and many other products for manufacturing and secondary industry.

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Raw materials. It was a starting point. Raw materials are said to be a continual base that yields finished chemical products. Due to client’s needs, we may offer reagent materials, CLASS A and raw materials of recycling quality.

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ADR transport. Owing to our own transport, we strive to meet the expectations of rapid order completion. Our fleet consists of one and multi-compartment tankers with modern truck tractors, which allow us to transport both, neutral and hazardous ADR cargo. We are also in possession of an industrial spur, dedicated for intermodal transport services.

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Recycling. The field of our business, which is so fascinating, but also so diversified that we constantly learn it again and again. We continuously learn new provisions of law, explore new opportunities to meet the expectations of the environment with full satisfaction.

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